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Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)
Jun 8,2012   

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras also known as PTZ cameras are excellent devices to use when you want to ''look around'' your surveillance area.

PTZ cameras allow you to pan an entire room, tilt up and down and zoom in on anything or anybody within the sight of the lens.

PTZ cameras can be set to automatic or manual mode or both. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at. The duration that the camera looks at a given set point can be adjusted from less than a second to as long as you would like.

There are some variances in different models. Some have 17x zooms while others have 50x zooms or more.

Closed circuit television also known as CCTV is the industry standard in surveillance security cameras. CCTV can be a single network of cameras or multiple networks of camera linked together via switches, internet, DVR or wide area computer technology. CCTV Video data is analog. The analog signal can be converted to digital via CCTV Digital Video Recorders. Once the video data is digital it can be managed just like any other computer data and can be stored automatically on computers and network storage devices.

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